Why MRI of Richmond is For You

We know manufacturing. We recruit only for manufacturers. We recruit only manufacturing professionals. We know the present trends, the contemporary practices, which of your competitors do it well, and which ones don’t. You don’t have to be the best to acquire top talent, but a commitment to become one of the best is essential.

We know lean manufacturing. Although they do it at different levels, every client we serve is into lean. Each is committed to do lean better and expects us to deliver talent to take them to the next level. Every search we recruit contains a lean component. The search may vary from operations leadership, or supply chain, or manufacturing/process engineering, or quality, or process improvement/operational excellence, but each of our searches involve lean manufacturing expertise.

We know lean manufacturing talent. We spend 100% of our time talking with lean manufacturing professionals. Some are with the best lean companies in the world; some are with companies at the beginning of a lean transformation. We’ll help you acquire lean talent to attain the future state you’re targeting.