Search and Selection Process

Competing for talent in our global marketplace cannot be left to luck or chance. Like any winning project it requires successful planning, meticulous execution, as well as astute judgment. To identify superior talent you have to know what it looks like. Our staff knows what “superior” looks like.

Recruiters worldwide can access the same resources. Data abounds. There are no shortages of great systems, technology, and databases. When you hire a recruiting firm, the real difference is judgment. You pay for judgment. Are you getting the judgment you’re paying for?

Trust the professionals at Management Recruiters of Richmond to do it the right way. Our process has produced hundreds of success stories. Are you painfully reviewing a pile of resumes for a single gem worthy of an interview? Why? Our track record says you will interview 4 out of every 5 candidates we refer to you. If we aren’t on target out of the gate, our counter-measures will fix the profile. We value your time and you’ll see the difference.

Here’s our formal process:

Nail down the role and requirements. If our goal is to save you time and hit the target 4 of 5 times, understanding your specification is critical. A typical job description won’t be enough. We’ll ask at least 15-20 other questions about the role, hiring manager, and culture. Attracting talent requires us to know the opportunity. You may want an A-player, but will your opportunity attract A-talent?


Generate the recruiting profile with our internal project team. Our project teams use any and all potential sources to recruit talent for you. Your eventual hire may come from a job board, an inquiry to our web page, professional networking sites or groups, or most likely referrals from our in-house database of manufacturing A-players.


Double interviews of all potential candidates. Metrics show that our project team will interview/screen 10 potential candidates, including an in depth 90-minute interview, for each candidate they recommend to our Account Manager handling your search. The Account Manager follows with another 90-minute interview to assess fit, motivation, career aspirations, and other traits. Half of those candidates interviewed by the Account Manager are referred to you, our client. 20 potential candidates start the process to produce a single talent for you. We invest more upfront to insure the candidate meets your hiring need, and insure your opportunity fits the candidate’s need.