What MRI Can Do For You

We recruit for manufacturing firms only. We can be an effective resource for you only if your profession is within the functions of operations/manufacturing leadership, manufacturing/process engineering, quality, lean manufacturing/continuous improvement, supply chain, or the plant engineering and maintenance disciplines.

We know lean manufacturing. Although each does it at a different level, every client we serve is into lean. Each is committed to do lean better and expects us to deliver talent to take them to the next level. Every search we recruit contains a lean component. The search may vary from operations leadership, or supply chain, or manufacturing/process engineering, or quality, or process improvement/operational excellence, but each of our searches involve lean manufacturing expertise.

If we work together, you can expect the following:

Resume guidance – We don’t write or prepare resumes but we read enough to know when yours needs tweaking.

Career assessment – Are your credentials and experience sufficient for the role you seek? Are there deficiencies to address for long-term attainment of your goals?

Professional representation – Hiring managers we work with appreciate our judgment. If we represent you, you’ll be steps ahead toward obtaining an interview. 80% of the candidates we refer to companies are granted an interview.

Useful information and insight – We’ll provide you with information regarding the culture, the people, and the direction of the company. And, at interviewing time, you’ll know the process and the players involved.

Interviewing tips – Our questions to you will be as tough as any you’ll get during an interview. And, we’ll provide professional guidance for any question or situation you can pose.

Your agent at negotiating time – Who better to represent your interests during compensation negotiations? We do it every day…..you’ll do it only a handful of times in a career.

Relocation assistance – Although some companies engage relocation services for you, many have no relationship with movers. Our longtime partner provides assistance to hundreds of MRI candidates each year.