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Q: What is the best way to get my resume and/or cover letter read? 
A: Great question! We receive 200 inquiries daily. Searching through all the text for specific information is a bear. We like it best when an email message summarizes the specific job requirements that the sender matches (4-5 sentences is plenty). The resume is attached as a MSWord document.  Cover letters are not needed if you do this.

Two pages max to a resume (anything more suggests a deficiency at recognizing important information). Give us some white space on the resume, and avoid those tiny fonts. Please send it only once.

Q: When I submit my resume, what format is preferred? 
A: Microsoft Word versions are preferred. Please send your resume as an attachment rather than cut and pasted into email.  Resumes submitted in other word processing formats can normally be opened.  Resumes are not desirable in text. Monster’s automatic resume forwarding format is extremely time-consuming an difficult to read…it should be avoided. Faxes are no longer an option for our systems and clients.

Q: Can I send a link to my online resume, rather than attaching a document to my email message?
Please don’t send a link. 98% of the 200+ resumes received daily are reviewed offline, and without immediate access to your online listing. It creates several additional steps that are avoidable. It’s more efficient for us to handle the inquiry as an attachment.

Q: Does this office of MRI concentrate in Indiana?
No. MRI operates 1,100+ offices nationally and internationally. The clients for this office are concentrated in the Midwest(including Indiana), West Coast, and East Coast. We are less likely to be an effective resource for candidates desiring other locations. The MRI corporate website at provides resources for offices that cover other locations, industries, and professional disciplines.

Q: Will Management Recruiters help me prepare a resume?
No. Software applications, books, and other resources are prevalent to aid this activity. Adhere to the “2 pages” rule and sufficient lines of white to enhance readability.

Q: Is my resume forwarded to companies without my knowledge?
Never. An Account Manager will always call to discuss a position with you prior to resume submission.

Q: What is my fee for using Management Recruiters?
Zero. Employers pay our fees…candidates do not. We require professional conduct from our candidates.

Q: How and when will I be contacted after submitting my resume?
MRI of Richmond responds via email to 100% of inquiries received via email, if you have referenced a position posted online. We phone those with appropriate background for assignments and you may be sent a “profile” requesting other info, usually within 3-4 working days. If you aren’t called within 3-4 days, your background was not adequate for the assignment or the level of competition from other candidates.

Q: What happens with my resume?
Your materials are reviewed by the Account Manager with responsibilities for the assignment you referenced. He will call or send you additional information if you appear to be viable for the position.

Resumes are NOT entered into a database, unless you have been interviewed by our staff. The database is not a national database and used only by our local office. if you desire, you may enter your credentials into a national database for all 1,100+ offices by visiting

If you are not contacted within 6-7 days, your credentials were not as viable as others. Your information is discarded and will not be maintained within our system.

Q: I’d like to speak to someone about a position.  Who should I call?
We receive 200+ resumes and phone inquiries daily. Phone calls are not accepted by individual Account Managers. Email your resume, referencing the position of interest by number, for the most expedient access to an Account Manager. He will initiate contact with you if your credentials are viable.

Q: Should I send references with my resume? 
A: Sending references is not necessary when you first submit your resume.  If you are contacted by an Account Manager, you will be asked to supply professional references.

Q: I do not have a degree.  Is Management Recruiters still able to help me? 
A: With the exception of positions in tooling and maintenance, rarely can we assist a candidate with less than a Bachelors degree. Most clients prefer Masters degrees to enhance advancement possibilities for the individual.

Q: What assistance can I expect to receive from Management Recruiters when interviewing for a position? 
A: We will provide you with everything you need. An Account Manager will provide you with background about the company, culture and staff. We offer assistance with travel arrangements, accommodations, and directions to the company if necessary. Your Account Manager will also help you prepare for the interview. In addition, Management Recruiters will negotiate all offers, perks, relocation packages, etc.

Q: What is expected on my behalf when interviewing?
Management Recruiters only requires three things from you:
1. As pre-arranged, you must call your Account Manager after an interview.
2. As a business professional, keep any commitment that you make.
3. Put your best foot forward since you are represent both yourself and Management Recruiters.

Q: I am a recent graduate with little experience. Can you be of service to me? 
A: Since client companies pay us a fee to find specific experience and skills, it’s rare that we have opportunities for new or recent grads. It occasionally happens, but we are usually not an effective resource for recent grads.